Highest Paying Welding Jobs in the USA 2021

Are you looking for the highest paying welding jobs in the USA? I will make a list of the top companies and industries which are paying a great of money for welding works.

In this article, you will find all of this information and also get some tips for how you can ensure a high payment for your welding jobs.

In the welding industry, there is a lot of scope for getting jobs in America. They are providing the best welding institute for improving their welding industry. If you are willing to find a good job, you must read this content. At the end of this article, you will get your best institute where you can apply for a job.

So, why are you waiting? Let’s see the list of top welding jobs in America 2020.

  1. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT). -Troy, Ohio.
  2. Tulsa Welding School.-Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  3. Lincoln Electric Welding School.-Cleveland, Ohio.
  4. Ferris State University.-Big Rapids, Michigan.
  5. San Jacinto Community College.-Houston, Texas.
  6. Bakersfield College.-Bakersfield, California.
  7. Central Louisiana Technical Community College.-Alexandria, Louisiana.

It’s looking perfect now. Let me explain about services.

Details of the Top Welding Schools and Colleges in America.

1. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT). -Troy, Ohio.

They’ll provide you:

  • A pipe welding program.
  • Maintain all combinations with structure.
  • Flux Cored arc Welding service.
  • Shielded Metal arc Training.
  • They provide Gas metal arc service.
  • Gas tungsten arc Welding.
  • Oxyacetylene Welding.
  • And the Oxyacetylene Cutting Service.

2. Tulsa Welding School.-Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They’ll provide you:

  • They will give you the most professional welding program.
  • A professional welder with pipefitting.
  • They will make you a welding specialist.
  • Occupational studies in welding technology.
  • You will get bright skills for your future career.

3. Lincoln Electric Welding School.-Cleveland, Ohio

They’ll provide you:

  • They teach pipe welding.
  • Sheet metal welding.
  • Teach about the first plate.
  • Their exclusive welding techniques.
  • Motorsport with including advanced materials.
  • Professional submerged arc welding

4. Ferris State University.-Big Rapids, Michigan:

They’ll provide you:

  • They will provide the welding technology of A A S
  • S Welding technology.
  • Engineering technology

5. San Jacinto Community College.-Houston, Texas.

They’ll provide you:

  • They apply since in welding technology.
  • Art welding.
  • You will get a welding stick pipe.
  • They serve Professional welder certificate.
  • Gas Shielded Welding Service

6. Bakersfield College.-Bakersfield, California

They’ll provide you:

  • Science degrees with industrial technology.
  • Welding job skills certificate.
  • Achievement certificate in welding.
  • Gas metal arc service.
  • Gas tungsten services.
  • Flux-cored arc welding.
  • Shielded metal arc services

7. Central Louisiana Technical Community College.-Alexandria, Louisiana

They’ll provide you:

  • They are offering welding technology courses.
  • Different types of welding techniques are famous in their college.
  • They train very skillfully.

What does a Welder do?

Welding is an engaging non-desk job.

These jobs’ work is to cut, join, polish metal materials and make the structure which one order they get.

Before starting these jobs, a welder should be very skilled and experienced. A welders’ works are to cut metal things with intense heat, join them to create shape, and also smooth metal surface or fill the hole if it needs.

A skilled and expert welder can earn a high amount of earnings if he does hard work and gives enough effort to his works.

The most popular working sector for Welding jobs:

Welding is a very demanding job because most of the production industries depend on their metal made tools and machinery. The welders make those instruments. If these instruments or machinery get broken, only a welder can fix them.

Popular working sector for Welding jobs:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
  • Building and bridge construction
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile and other manufacturing industries
  • Mining

Comparable Salary By The Stage Of Experience Level

As welding workings’ output depends on a welder’s delivery, so all the welders won’t get an equal salary.

We can apart from a welders level in 3 stages.

  1. Entry-level welder:

If you are an entry-level welder, you can earn  $7.25 per hour on average. This level is essential for a welders’ career. His next level’s payment depends on this level’s experiences.

  1. Mid-career welder:

If you are a Mid-career welder,  you can earn $17.90 per hour. At this level, a welder has to take more responsibility and make himself more perfect for his works.

  1. Experienced welder:

If you are an experienced welder, you can earn $35.45 or more per hour. An expert welder has to know all types of welding works. He should have enough knowledge and experience in welding work to earn this much income.

You have come to know that welder’s earnings depend on his working level. So let’s know about some institutes, which will help you to level up your position in a welding career and what they will provide you.

Highest-paying Welding Jobs according to the type of Welding work:

Type of Welding workAverage Annual Salary
Pipe Welder$35,000 – $100,000
Underwater Welder$38,000 – $147,000
Military Support Welder$37,000 – $160,000
Nuclear Welder$22,000 – $143,500
Welding Engineer$51,000 – $120,000
Industrial Pipeline Welder$23,500 – $133,500
Certified Welding Inspector$42,000 – $104,000
Aerospace Welder$37,000 – $69,000
Rig Welder$52,000 – $207,000
Combo Welder$32,000 – $82,000
Certified Welding Supervisor$38,000 – $75,000
Structural welder$43,758-$101,794
MIG welder$33,520-$51,726
Welder helper$28,162-$55,101/yr
Certified Welding Technician$51,000 – $62,000

Expensive Industry’s rate of Salary

Name of IndustryAverage Yearly Salary
North Dakota$54,480
West Virginia$52,040
BONUS US Army Military Support$48,988


Though the Welding job is an engaging non-desk job, it has a standard salary scale. If you are willing to get a high payment for welding jobs, then always work hard and do the practice. Welding work is handwork, so its output depends on your skills. Also, have a well-scored certificate to get a high job in a top-ranked industry or company.

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