How Hot Is A Plasma Cutter? Detect Easily

Do you in search of knowing how hot is a Plasma Cutter? You are on the right path. Because I will provide some crucial information about the Plasma Cutter to cut any metals, you may use mere blades. But it will be like a challenge for you. Doing this, you may require a lot of energy. So, you need something special that can help you in the crisis. A hot Plasma Cutter can be the best way to come out from this trouble. You can easily spill any thick metal with the help of it.

A Plasma cutter can be hot in the next level. You cannot compare to anything tiny. There is a question about Plasma Cutter “IsPlasma Cutter hotter than the Sun?” So basically, it is compared to The Sun. A Plasma Cutter can reach at the temperature of 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit and 25,000 degrees Celsius. It can create the temperature, which can straightly damage your eyes. From a survey, it is found that the Sun can make about 9,941D Fahrenheit, which is ¾ timeless than the Plasma Cutter. So, A Plasma Cutter is hotter than the Sun.

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

A Plasma Cutter uses Gas to produce heat flames. By using this, you can cut any metals easily. Anything that is in the category of electric conductive metals can cut with ease. It does not support all the gases except Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen. It performs its work by the sending arc from the gases. It would help if you created the temperature according to your metals and cut them quickly. Though it is risky for you, if you follow safety rules, you will not be in trouble.

Plasma cutter Flames

  • It can create a single or triple-phase AC line stable DC voltage of 200-400 VDC. 
  • Cutting thick metal like Aluminum, it uses Nitrogen and Argon mixture gases.
  • You can determine the speed by using the voltage setting.
  • You should set the perfect voltage to get the maximum result.
  • It regulates output to the type of thickness.

Safety Instructions for Plasma Cutter:

 Ø You should be careful about the heat and spark.

 Ø Keep remembers that workpiece and torch can cause a fire.

Ø Always carry a safety class fitted with side shields for your eyes.

Ø You need to wear flame-proof clothes.

Ø Avoid carrying matches and lighter while working with the Plasma Cutter.

Ø Make sure that working place is perfect.

Ø Always maintain your plasma system.


How to cool a Plasma Torch

While working, your plasma torch becomes too hot. It would help if you cooled it systemically. Let us see the process of how we can cool a plasma torch-

  • A coolant helps to low the temperature of the torch.
  • Coolant moves through at high speed for reducing the heat with ease.
  • Then the liquid circulates back into the torch’s body and cools the nozzle.
  • By swirling the coolant, you can make your nozzle last longer.
  • You should repeat the process during the plasma cutter in operation.
  • This is how you can cool your plasma torch efficiently.

The Final Verdict

As the plasma cutter is extremely hot, we must remember the safety measures of it. It can regulate the running output depending on the materials and thickness. Exquisite heat can cut any hard metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. You should you the plasma cutter to cut your hard metals. I hope you will get the best results from any other machines available in the market.

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