10 Best Welding Helmets – Top Picks with Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the best welding helmet? A welding helmet is a must-buy for any welder. Lack of adequate eye protection carries a high risk of vision loss.

For this purpose, it is essential to use a quality welding helmet that protects you from UV / IR rays and avoid possible burns or sparks.

There are several helmets on the welding market, so you can easily get confused by them. So, following this article can help you find the best welding helmet for the money.

Prevention is better than cure, and this statement is valid for welding helmets.

Don’t worry; we’ve gathered a list of top-quality welder helmets that will help you with your choice.

Also, check out these helmets if your budget is low. Best Welding Helmets under $100.

10 Best Welding Helmets.

Different brands include several levels. Without a doubt, the best option will be the one that offers the fastest speed.

Therefore, welding will no longer seem risky if you use a high-quality auto-darkening welding helmet. And it is that with a mask for automatic welding, you forget about any possible risk.

And as we know you need it, in this article, we show you the best welding helmet, among many other things that will help you understand what welding helmet to buy.

The Quick Comparison Here:




Antra Auto Darkening

1 pounds

Sentinel A50

1.4 pounds

Speedglas Welding Helmet

1 pounds

Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight

2 pounds

Jackson Safety W10 HSL

1 pounds

Lincoln Electric 

3 pounds

Ultra-Lightweight Insight HXL

2 pounds

Ultra-Lightweight Insight HSL

1 pounds

Savage A40 Welding Helmet

1 pounds

Lincoln Electric K3419-1

1.50 pounds

Best Budget Auto Darkening Welding HelmetIf you use various applications such as grinding, cutting, and welding applications, you can choose this Antra AH6 product. It comes with auto-darkening features with a smart chip.

That is the perfect upgrade for goggles and a fraction of the cost for a fixed shade glass welding helmet—a versatile shade range of this product usually reserved for more expensive helmets.

In addition to the four light sensors, there are two additional combinations intended for fine-tuning purposes. The four sensor designs provide higher sensitivity.

Interference suppression technology and has the ability to fake trigger capability of these helmets can be reduced. It has ultra-fast switching time and accurate auto shade, minimizing harmful bright bypasses.

It has received a solar charge for batteries and has proven to be self-contained. The ability to filter light at the appropriate stage for the welder increases work quality and reduces eye strain.

Features of the product:

  • 15 oz. Lightweight helmet.
  • The Antra AH6-260 standard meets the ANSI.
  • It has a cheater lens compatible.
  • Hard hat adapter.
  • It comes with a battery indicator and a test.



Sentinel A50 Best Welding HelmetProfessional best welders deserve the best equipment. When choosing a helmet for a welder, the Sentinel brings ergonomic headgear, maximum comfort, automatic control, and a crystal-clear vision.

Sentinel A50 is fully digital with touch screen interfaces and original color technology. The welding lens has eight memory fixings with a full 9.27-inch visual area.

The Sentinel’s skillful shell design is not too big and not too small, accounting for different shapes of different heads and shaking fine art at the same time. The flush exterior also reduces extrusions, so nothing gets caught when working in a hard place.

The helmet comes with two lenses, a clear lens, and a yellow lens, each of which is quick and easy to replace.

This highly visible display will increase transparency for welders, and its intuitive control and easy-to-use functions make creative technology easier.

Features of the product:

  • The ESAB Sentinel has 5-13 lenses with an external grind control.
  • It has an expansive view of 9.28 square inches.
  • The helmet comes with a bag and ESAB’s three years of satisfaction guarantee.
  • Round front cover lens.
  • It has a color touch screen panel with eight memory settings.



3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100, 06-0100-30iSWThe new Auto-Gaining Filter Kit for the 3M Speedglass Welding Helmet Series 9100 is your window into a new world of more authentic colors and details to help you weld, grind and see your finish.

3M Speedglass helmets make design for professional welders who need maximum comfort and reliable protection for ultimate performance.

With the input-based improvement of master welders worldwide, the 3M SpeedGlass welding helmet sets a new standard for visibility, convenience, and ease of use.

Two memory modes that allow you to set different settings for dark shades, light to dark switching sensitivity, and dark to light delay.

The helmet has a super switching mode between welding and grinding, allowing you to switch between welding mode and Shade 3 grinding mode like one-touch of an external button.

Features of the product:

  • Adjustable head suspension increases comfort and stability.
  • Includes welding cap, carry bag, and starter kit.
  • Automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity.
  • The helmet has 5, 8-13, Selectable Shades, and three-light status.
  • Hold on and take auto-on.



Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight Variable HelmetWhen choosing a helmet for welding, you have to look for efficiency and safety skills, which is the highest priority. The Jackson Safety W40 Acuteness Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet uses its high-performance WH40 series auto dark filter.

These smart filters enable welders to adapt to various functional environments by providing the ability to control the lens shadow and adjust for sensitivity from ambient light sources.

In this helmet, you can adjust the sensitivity and delay to adjust the auto-darkening according to environmental factors and conditions.

It has both grinding and eldest modes for your comfort. This helmet goes from light way to dark method, automatically sensing the environmental conditions. So, it would be the best welding helmet for beginners.

You get high-quality components for high-performance welding lenses (MIG welding, TIG welding, arc welding, and more) without the high price tag.

Features of the product:

  • They offer a combination of sensitivity and delay.
  • It provides four different sensors and easy-to-use digital control.
  • A welded mask is ideal for both business and severe hobby.
  • They have a wide viewing area (3.93 x 2.36).
  • It meets the ANSI Z87.1 + standard.



Jackson Safety W10 HSL 100 Welding HelmetHere is another best welding helmet here for money, both professional and starter. Jackson Safety helmets are best for working in tight or small areas.

And a very notable point is the field of view. The front of the Jackson Safety W10 HSL100 comes with a large size viewing area.

The presence of a durable shield gives this unique helmet simply for the overall convenience. Not only does it make the helmet very comfortable, but it also makes the hard hat adaptable.

It is a well-known brand and has been approved by many great authorities like ANSI Z872.1. It is highly recommended and approved as one of the best products to provide overall protection of welders’ heads and eyes. ANSI Z872.1 this is also a CSA complaint, and so you can almost blindly trust the product.

Features of the product:

  • The Jackson Safety Fixed Shade Welding Helmet (W10 HSL 100) features a slender shell design.
  • Ten levels of shade have added to the helmet.
  • It has bright light and the help of ten lenses.
  • The helmet provides clear visibility during welding operations.
  • The welding masks have an extended front, which increases neck protection from sparks.



Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Welding HelmetIf you are searching for a helmet with a various range of skills, the Lincoln Viking 3350 should grab your attention. Its range of features and capabilities make it equally preferred for professionals and hobbies.

Lincoln has variable features like an advanced, 4C lens technology. That makes the view clearer and cleaner.

Its viewing size is 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches. Also, its consistent sensitivity allows you to work in almost any illuminated environment with relative ease.

The most notable features are the high sensitivity lens that works well, even after working with low amp TIG.

The Viking 3350 welding hood has a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical precision rating, meaning the lens vibration and blur have entirely removed, the shadow lens is consistent within every square inch, and the welding arc shows waves and clear at any angle.

Features of the product:

  • Comes complete with Lincoln’s X6 headgear.
  • 5 square inch auto-dark lens.
  • Four arc sensors for superior lens response.
  • External grind control lets you quickly switch between weld or grind modes.
  • Long battery life and solar charging.



Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HXL-100 Welding HelmetIf you are on a fixed budget to purchase a helmet, you can find some fantastic reasonable opportunities related to Jackson’s auto-darning welding helmets.

 It has an elegant viewing area, and it makes with very tough materials that ensure that it will last over time.

With 9 to 13 variable shades, this helmet has easy-to-use digital control and sensitivity and delays adjustment for different tasks.

Protect the user’s eyes from flashing energy during welding or grinding mode; this product is efficient and economical because it meets ANSI Z87.1 2010 standard and is CSA compliant.

Whenever the need is for welding protection in steel construction, Jackson offers a wide range of safety choices to meet every job’s requirements and every employee, including in an environment, head protection at a construction site, or hearing protection at an airport.

Features of the product:

  • It builds with four different sensors, including a lithium battery.
  • Enables welders to enjoy increased visibility and color recognition.
  • Ultra-lightweight HLX-100 Insight eldest helmet.
  • The comfortable headgear has four height combinations.
  • The viewing area of ​​this ADF helmet is 3.94 “x 2.36”.



Jackson Safety Ultra-LightweightThe Jackson Black HSL-100 Insight comes with an auto-darkening welding helmet featuring a variable shade 9-13 lens with digital control. It is comfortable and proper lighting.

 It has four orc sensors and can set to weld mode or grind mode. The broader 3.93 “x 2.36” viewing area comes standard with sensitivity and delay settings.

The Jackson Insights has a two-year lens warranty. The helmet shell comes complete with Jackson’s industry-standard 370 headgear. It has a narrow shell design that is suitable for work in hard spaces.

Long front increases throat protection against sparks, slag, and fumes. The shell can stand up to 350Â ° F in radiant heat, with a minimum 50% improvement over most other thermoplastic shells.

Features of the product:

  • 1 / 10,000-second switching speed.
  • It has individual buttons with LED indicators for weld and grinds modes.
  • The helmet has four separate sensors position to reduce the possibility of interference during welding.
  • A built-in magnification lens holder.
  • It has a natural, digital control panel.



Black Savage A40 Welding HelmetThe ESAB Savage A40 welding helmet lens has a full 7.70 square inch viewing area, which offers a broad spectrum and increased spatial awareness. It also comes with four arc sensors.

The helmet provides ideal performance and comfort to welders, safety, and construction workers occasionally through professional welding.

Another critical point is that the delay control setting can be adjusted when needed.

During tech welding, short delays help make the job faster while more late high amps are useful for welding. With a high-tech lightweight shell to protect from heat, sparks, and spatter.

Features of the product:

  • DC TIG is rating below 5 MP.
  • Externally active Grind button.
  • Extensive product warranty.
  • We are providing high clarity of the scene with accurate color.
  • Quickly replaceable CR 2450 battery.



Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Glossy VAR 7-13 W Grind ADF HelmetThe Lincoln comes with two arc sensors, and its variable shades range from 7 to 13. It has a super switching speed from light to dark.

The Lincoln electric helmet is comfortable to use with adjustable headgear. It has a replaceable AAA battery with a solar assistant.

 With an adjustable fit, these helmets offer plenty of bang for your buck. The helmet provides a broad size absorption in the sweatband for these days lasting under the helmet.

The clarity and sensitivity of the lenses give them an efficient edge of competition. The maximum quality and efficiency of its use in the long run without fatigue make it a great choice.

Features of the product:

  • Two different sensors help to avoid blind spots.
  • The helmet has 3.82 * 1.73 views.
  • Sensitivity and delay are perfectly compatible.
  • Match the standard ANSI Z87.1.
  • The helmet provides 2 number of sensors.



Best Welding Helmet Light: Purchase Guide

Here’s what you need to have on your checklist when you go shopping.

Types of helmets for welders: There are different types of welding helmets. The most known and most popular are electronic and automatic. Pick up what kind of welding helmets are on the market and make your choice.

Stable power: The best thing about choosing automatic helmets is that their lenses adjust to the required level of light output or type, while with manual models, you would need a few lenses for every kind of work.

Safety standards: There are different safety standards for welding helmets related to the speed of darkness, the rate of change from one mode to another, the level of the night, and much more. Make sure the model you buy complies with established regulations.

Lens weight: The weight of the lens eventually adds some extra value to the helmet. This type of matter can increase labor, especially for a wide range of weights. Professionals usually do 8 to 12 hours of welding. For better comfort, get a light welding lens. 


Shadow Variety: Will your lenses get dark enough for complete protection when you are out in the bright sun and glowing with high amperage? Arch Flash is a terrifying experience that can do permanent damage as well. By buying a helmet with a high degree of shade variability in high-quality lenses, you can rest assured that your eyes and head are protected even in bright conditions.

Reliability: Reliability is an essential factor to consider when selecting a welding helmet. It can not matter how comfortable the helmet is or how nifty the gimmick is. If your helmet can’t be counted on to protect your eyes, it’s not doing its job.

Delay and Sensitivity Settings: This is the time delay and sensitivity settings for welding lenses. Undoubtedly, the necessary features like this make the welding lens great. Sensitivity is defined when the auto-dark features are turning on after detecting the brightness of the pressure.

On the other hand, the delay for measuring the holding time is fixed in certain shades (pale or dark) and closes after welding or pressure is over.

Final thoughts

Thanks for verifying our analysis of these helmets. After reading this article, you should feel well prepared to buy the best welding helmet. You will find almost everything, including features, by looking at this guide, buying tips for choosing the best auto-darkening lens.

Hopefully, at this point, the decision that the welding helmet is right for you is safe in your decision.

Anyone on the list can consider the best welding helmet today. Make sure your clothes are safe and enjoyable after wearing a helmet.

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