8 Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100

Having trouble finding affordable welding helmets? To save you from this complication, we have gathered a list of the best welding helmet under $100. The good news is that there are plenty of options within your budget.

Everybody knows, good helmets not only protect the eyes and skin from bitter sparks but also ultraviolet and pressure emitted infrared rays for potential vision loss.

With that in mind, tody’s welding helmets are available in various colors and graphics. See the final list of helmets for welding. Who knows, you may find the best tool you are looking for, but there is no indication of where and what to search.

Don’t worry, since you are not buying expensive welded helmets, the advanced features of the following built-in helmets for welding will quickly enable you to achieve the desired aspirations without having to face any hard bars

Best Welding Helmet under $100 with Auto-Darkening feature:




Tanox welding helmet

2 pounds

Jackson Safety: Durable

1.5 Pounds

Lincoln Electric helmet

1.50 pounds

Antra AH7-860-001X

1 pounds

TOOLIOM Welding helmet

1.94 pounds

Antra AH6-260-000

1 pounds

Instapark GX990T

1.5 pounds

AUDEW Welding Helmet

0.004 ounces

If you are the chosen person about welding, you continue to work all day. Then, of course, you can’t choose a random helmet to use at once with your welding. Accurate knowledge of these products and comparing them is bound to take a lot longer than your busy schedule.

Since you are here to find the best welding helmet for under $100, let’s not waste your time as we move forward with our top weld helmets reviews.

So that, stay with us till the end of this review of the helmets for welding.

Tanox welding helmet Best Welding Helmet for BeginnersTanox came up with a great version of all the highlighting features you want in your welding. More precisely, this helmet is the first choice of artists who need a grinding mode to dodge their creativity in every corner.

This auto-darkening welding helmet is accomplished by strength, quality, and longevity, and these necessary qualities should never be compromised at any cost.

On top of that, the helmet has a unique bonus, a pair of “Hand- Gloves.” By using this, you can enjoy full protection from head to hand. Overall, it is the best selling helmet on the market and user friendly even within a $100 budget.

Aside from all the advantages, it does have its shortcomings. There are also complaints that the battery compartment hard to open, and it doesn’t last long.

Here are some of the highlighted features that make the best budget welding helmet unique from all welding helmets.

Features of the Product:

  • Tanox is decorated with four separate arc sensors.
  • The helmet comes with Auto Darkening Solar Powered welding helmet.
  • It provides low battery warning light when the helmets are almost dead.
  • The helmet has a light to dark switch from 1/25000 per second.
  • The gear protects the welder against UV and IR radiation in case of electrical failure.



Jackson Safety Durable Comfortable Fixed shade welding helmetHere is another best-fixed shade welding helmet earning a lot of money economically and is primarily suitable for beginners to professionals.

Jackson Safety offers a variety of safe choices to meet the needs of every job and every employee. You can rest assured that the product will not cause you any discomfort while you are working.

The front of the Jackson Safety W10 HSL 100 comes with a wide viewing area so that it can protect your face and neck and upper body.

Another top feature of this fantastic helmet is the cover plate. The cover plates are installed correctly in the factory, and so you do not need to do any extra work to adjust them. All you need to do is wear your helmet and start your work.

For cost-conscious welders ready for a considerable starter helmet, this Jackson Safety Fixed Shade 10 welding helmet is a smart choice.

Features of the Product:

  • The Jackson welding mask has a narrow shell design that is suitable for work in challenging spaces.
  • Its design is narrower than most of the other models.
  • The lightweight design provides comfort with a large viewing area.
  • This helmet is compatible with quality hardhats.
  • It comes up with ten layers of different shades that solve all the external problems perfectly.



Lincoln Electric helmetLincoln welder helmet comes with an auto-darkening welding helmet, which means it protects the user from extremely harmful radiations. The helmet is a sturdy lightweight helmet with comfortable headgear.

The wide range of these helmets is quite noticeable and much more than other helmets available at this price.

The helmet also has a regular headgear that can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs with complete comfort and ease of use.

However, the helmet also comes with arc sensors and not one but two, which can sense the arc and protect the user from harm.

With just a 2-year warranty, Lincoln made the 3419-1 Budget pick trophy.

Features of the Product:

  • The helmet provides 7-13 varying shades with external knob mode.
  • The helmet has a light to the dark switching speed of 1/25000 per second.
  • Solar cell / AAA powered.
  • Lightweight 17.0 oz. (483 g).
  • High optical lens clarity reduces eye strain.



Antra AH7-860-001XAs the name implies, it is a solar-powered welding helmet. The Antra AH7-860-001x welding helmet is a top welded hood with 13 view windows with 13.5 SQI (86 x 3. 50 ″) lenses 3.

The important thing about this helmet is that it has interference grip technology, which means its shadow and filter are not likely to be moved by sunlight or any other light similar to welding amperage.

Excluding this, after you use it, the gear stays active for another ten minutes. This fantastic feature correctly reduces failure and provides maximum protection potential.

You may be a little insecure about all these features’ capabilities, but the Antra Welding Helmet meets the ANSI (American Nation Standards Institute) Z ৮8787 standard.

There is a knob that is easy to adjust, as well as four sensors work automatically. It is very lightweight at just one pound, and the shapes easily fit over your head with ingredients that you can use it for a long time.

Features of the Product:

  • The Antra welding helmet provides the solar power energy.
  • By automatic power, button gears can sense when its service is needed.
  • It is better than most welding helmets as well as safety goggles.
  • The helmet has 13 permanent shades with an auto-dimming LCD shutter that is double-layered.
  • The Antra Welding Helmet not only protects your face but also protects your neck.



Auto Darkening Welding HelmetHere other auto-darkening weld helmets bring real color technology. The technology reduces the lime green color to clear the welding vision to see your work’s location at the welding point.

It is famous for its metallurgical industry, auto manufacturing, and repair industry, shipyards as well as DIY hobby projects.

The helmet is lightweight, which reduces the pressure on the head and neck so that you will wear it comfortably.

TOOLIOM offers multiple combinations of helmets and headbands for maximum comfort.

The helmet is an excellent benefit for those who need vision correction.

Features of the Product:

  • The helmets view area: 3.64×1.64 in (92.5×42.5 mm).
  • Comes with Variable Shade / Control: 9-13 External.
  • Provides 2 Arc sensor.
  • It has solar backup to save energy during any use.
  • Available in weld and grind mode.



Best Budget Auto Darkening Welding HelmetSuppose you are a beginner and looking for a budget-friendly but high-quality welding helmet. In that case, you can count on this model because it has several intense features that respond very quickly to electrical stress generated from most TIG, MMA, plasma applications, or MIG.

With its stylish design and performance, it is the most prime brand and out of the competition. Antra welding helmet is beautiful and suitable for every kind of welding process. Also, you can use it as a motorbike helmet and other aspects where protection is needed.

Before the gear goes to sleep, it stays active in a dark environment for 10 minutes. These helmets are relatively more comfortable and can be made effortlessly and run longer.

Also, its storage and protection process is quite flexible and free of additional costs.

In the eyes of experts, it is one of the most useful tools at a reasonable price.

Features of the Product:

  • Its viewing size is 3.8 inches by 1.78 inches.
  • It has four sensors.
  • The helmet has a magnifying lens that is compatible.
  • Lightweight and easy maintenance.
  • Antra serves as versatile alternatives such as cutting, grinding, and welding.



Best Solar Powered Welding HelmetFor professional welder, it is the best budget welding helmet, which also increases productivity.

The helmet will give you a whole new design with some notable features, including sensitivity control and dark state. These features set this welding helmet apart from everyone else.

The GX990T is entirely versatile. It’s called the most regular helmet on the market, so if you want something you can change and customize, this might be in your favor.

The headband gives a custom fit and pleasure to the ratcheting system and the fully padded internal welder.

The helmet has included a battery, which is a full and healthy life. It has an excellent absorption capacity. The full maintenance is quite expensive and straightforward.

The InstaPark GX990 filter has a wide viewing area of ​​3.94 x 3.86 inches. That is the broadest view on the list of the best welding helmets.

Features of the Product:

  • Variable shade adjustment wide.
  • It uses lithium batteries, so battery life is longer.
  • Quick switching time for light to dark.
  • The manufacturer says that the battery life is usually 3500 to 5000 hours.
  • Sustainable and robust construction for end-level users.



Grinding Weld HelmetsThis budget model has an auto-dark protection system that will darken at 1 / 30,000 of your seconds after detecting a spark. Besides that, it is the right choice for high welding or grinding operation.

The helmet comes with several four lenses, it works for light conditions, but you can also switch from nine to 13 number lenses.

The AUDEW comes with an extensive view of window dimensions for sensitivity.

You can control the delay and sensitivity of the model by knocking on the inside of the helmet.   

Moreover, the only good thing about this helmet is that it has an excellent skull design on the side.

Features of the Product:

  • Filter size: 110 * 90 * 8.5mm.
  • It has a Spacious mask space with a secure structure.
  • Suitable for operating time.
  • Turn on / off fully mechanical energy.
  • Right and left-handers can select a suitable style.



What to look for to select the best quality helmet?

Do you know which makes the helmet best? When you get all the features in a helmet can be considered the best!

What features do you need to look for in a welding helmet? Let’s get to know them! If you know what you are searching for, you would have it before knowing the right budget welding helmet.

Types of Helmets: First, you need to understand what kind of helmets you want. However, two types of helmets are available. One is traditional, and the other is modern.

Besides, traditional gear has excellent protection. This type of weld helmet is suitable for most of the experienced welders.

On the other hand, modern gear differs from the type of traditional helmet. This helmet simplifies the work of welding, and the drawback is that it is an expensive product.

Size: Before buying, another thing to consider when buying a welding helmet which is size. You don’t choose a helmet bigger or smaller than your size, do you?

The ideal helmet should be lightweight. A well-sized helmet makes you feel comfortable while working on long-lasting welding, and the users get the flexibility to move and view freely.

Reviews: Product reviews are another feature you should look for, as it helps you learn about a tool without spending or spending any money. It is essential to see what other users have experienced and what they are saying about overall satisfaction.

 Sometimes, some products may have negative reviews. That doesn’t mean you should neglect them entirely because some products have positive reviews that also rate negative terms.

Auto-darkening: The modern era has brought auto-darkening helmets for welders with the help of the latest technology. UV rays are harmful and uncomfortable to the eyes for welders, and the auto-darkening feature is complete resistance to UV.

So, you should notice the auto-dark feature before buying a helmet. In the marketplace, different types of helmets do not come with auto-darkening features.

Consider the issues for choosing the best welding helmet.

Range of shades: Each helmet comes with a different range of shades. However, many shade welders find it challenging to work. When you buy an auto-darkening helmet, you must choose a range of shades. Fixed shades are the best choice for welders working with the same type of material with the same thickness, while variable shades are best for those who deal with different materials.

Eye protection: Eye protection is essential for choosing the best helmet. A good quality welding helmet protects the eyes from the flashes for having the auto-darkening feature.

The number of sensors: Sensors are also crucial for choosing the helmet for welding—the higher the number of ranges, the better the helmet in terms of coverage.

Final thoughts:

We finished our best welding helmet under $100. You may choose an excellent helmet for welding with a little patience and care at an affordable price.

As you have noticed, all the items on this list are welding helmets that will automatically darken. Since they all have strong and weak points, we measured the best of how we gained experience. You have to rely on performance and budget to choose the best for yourself.

If the purpose is clear, you have already gone beyond the best welding helmet choices, and now is the time to choose the perfect one that you think is best for your job.

Finally, we hope this guide will make you more aware of the best welding helmets and your unique needs.

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