10 Best Stick Welder (Arc Welders) with Buyers Guide 2021

You will need the best stick welder when you want to finish your DIY projects or plan to enter the construction business. To help you find the best stick welder, we have selected the best, listed them below, and provided some essential tips to help you choose the most suitable machine.  

As we know, MIG and TIG welders are valuable resources in workshops and onsite. There are plenty of decent welding tools on the market that can help you make high-quality items or repair your devices. But if you want more than just modesty, then you have come to the right place. 

In addition to reviews, you will also find the necessary information about welding in general, which should help you choose the right product for your needs.

Best stick & ARC welders with reviews:

Let’s have a look at the following best stick welder:

The Quick Comparison Here:




Lotos LTPDC2000D

37 pounds

DEKOPRO Welder Machine

14 pounds


24.8 pounds

Amico ARC-160D

16 pounds


15.4 pounds


14.96 pounds

C.M.T Pitbull

28 pounds

Campbell Hausfeld

24 pounds

TOOLIOM Stick Welder

8.71 pounds


22 pounds

Lotos LTPDC2000DInstead of spending money on three separate machines, you can save a lot of money on Lotos. LTPDC2000D, which is why it is the best stick welder for the money. It can perform the work of three separate machines. At the same time, it can provide good quality and performance.

This machine is not only of dual voltage type; it also has dual-frequency. It requires a higher voltage, which is the ideal power for any high power welding machine.

The significant part of welding use with Lotos LTPDC2000D is straightforward. You can turn on the switch, set the current, and start welding. And it has proven to be great for its large number of users.

Besides, it is a top pure plasma cutter that serves both hobbyists and light industrial workers well.

Also, quality TIG ensures smooth and fast welding on stainless steel or the correct materials of thin gauge materials.

Features of the product:

  • The product is the 3-in-1 combo, which means it has three functions.
  • Pirates arc technology does not need to touch to cut through metal.
  • It can receive dual voltage and 37.8 pounds (17.15kg).
  • With stick welding, it makes the arch-starting work even better.
  • It changes when you plug it into an outlet.



DEKOPRO Welder MachineDEKOPRO brings premium protection, outstanding performance, ease of use, and transportation when choosing a stick welder machine. Safety remains a top issue to consider when selecting any electrical equipment.

It would help if you kept welding helmets, goggles, and gloves in place so that a little evaluation safety guide can fall on your injury.

Working with a complex machine is a waste of time, energy, and components. Intelligent choices like DEKOPRO welders for buying welders come with a detailed yet straightforward control system easily realized by the simplest of welding beginners.

Plus, you don’t have to monitor your machine for constant overheating. The heat extra protection feature automatically shuts off the welder if something goes wrong.

At just 12 pounds, the DEKOPRO 110/120 V is a highly portable stick welder and remains the top choice for the “nomadic” welder.

Features of the product:

  • It provides long-lasting performance in your fabrication and repair projects.
  • The net weight of the product is 5.5 kg.
  • A warning LED light on the panel will warn you about excess temperature.
  • In the 10-160A amperage range, you can adjust the output to meet your requirements.
  • This model has a 60% duty cycle.



EVERLAST PowerArcEverlast PowerARC 140 is an excellent choice if you are new to stick welding, TIG welding, or need a small rag around the house. The EVERLAST 140ST is very powerful, well-designed, so you don’t run your energy bill too much. It is effortless and easy to set up, both usable and professional.

The EVERLAST Stick Welder has an adaptive hot start and an auto-adapted arc force control. This feature is even more helpful if someone has a hard or rod sticking problem to start the electrode.

This machine is also capable of TIG welding, which makes it more flexible. Also, the EVERLAST PowerArc 140ST and the key to the adaptive welding option come with dual voltage power of 120v and 240v power.

The stick welder also comes with multiple items such as its carry case, a stick torch with a cable, and a DINSE style connector. Further, you will find a gas valve TIG torch with its and DINSE connector and a working clamp.

Features of the product:

  • Everlast stick welders are small in size, weighing only 24.8 pounds.
  • PowerArc 140 ST gives 120V / 240V dual voltage power.
  • Everlast Series 17V Gas Valve Torch with 35 Series DINSE style adapter.
  • The welder has a digital display for the precise current setting.
  • With the lift-start feature, it starts faster whenever you use it.



Amico ARC-160DAmico has taken good care of making top welder machines designed by experts in the welding industry. This welder can weld a variety of metals with different surfaces such as steel or other metals such as smooth or rough or hard dense surfaces.

With 230V input, you will get a maximum 60% charge on this welder maximum rating. The cycle of responsibility never kicks us in, even when the welder is operating with full power.

Also, IGBT inverter technology allows this welder to give accurate welding. This stick welder offers a relatively high efficiency of 90%, which is not available in other stick welders at this price.

It is capable of working with all types of electrodes. It works with primary and acidic electronics with the same ease. The duty of this welder remains stable even in the highest conditions.

The device is protected from any overload as the device receives the voltage at its limit, causing damage. It is easily suitable for every welder.

Features of the product:

  • It has the capacity of a dual input voltage of 115 volts and 230 volts.
  • This welder weighs 16 pounds.
  • This device has a cooling system that protects the components from excess heat.
  • This design brings additional benefits to the table; it includes size, skill.
  • The Amico 160 amp DC stick is equipped with a sleek LED display.



HITBOX ARC WelderThe Hitbox arc welder provides high power capacitors, a full radiator, and many other services. The Hitbox welder is the right choice for you to look for projects and repair homes, farms, and shops.

The Hitbox has an 85% duty cycle for ARC welding, 50% for TIG welding. With this feature, this welding will protect you from any long-lasting damage. 

Also, this stick welder has specially designed for welding. You can use this welder for a short or long time. 2.5mm 3.2mm for a long time or pull soldering, and you can also use 4.0mm rods for short time welding or spot welding.

The welder’s significant part is that it will decrease the power source automatically when the electrical workpiece gets stuck during welding and prevent the overload of the machine. Besides that, when you will start the welding, the output current automatically increased.

Features of the product:                   

  • The big size connector is 35-50mm2.
  • The Hitbox came with several quality accessories like an earth clamp, electrode holder, etc.
  • The unique feature is the WP-17V gun, which is excellent for the LIFT TIG function.
  • The weight of the welder is 15.4 pounds.
  • It can weld 7018 cellulose rods.



SUNGOLDPOWERFor most small to medium jobs, SungoldPower will work pretty much, even if you are unprepared with your materials. Overall, the unit is relatively lightweight and comes with a safe carrying handle on top of the case.

It has an advanced control module IGBT technology with 110 / 220v to improve the welder’s performance, allowing operators to tackle various projects with relative ease. Don’t worry; it says it comes with everything you need to get started with stick welding.

The device is protected from reaching higher than its handling capacity, causing burn or internal damage to the device. Also, the device is protected from any overload as the device receives voltage within its limits, causing damage.

Most stick welders provide plugs in the standard outlet; the problem is that it can give you proper welding, but not a hot weld. The Sun Gold Power Stick Welder can convert a standard outlet to 220 volts, so you get a hot weld.

Features of the product:

  • These stick welders provide relatively high efficiency of 85%.
  • The weight of the welder is 14.96 pounds.
  • Sungoldpower has convenient features that make the activity of this welder a breeze.
  • It has safety features like over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, anti-sticking properties, thermostatic cooling.
  • The complete package comes with an AC plug, electrode holder, earth clamp, and cable.



C.M.T PitbullWhen you are a beginner in welding, you probably want to start as soon as possible, but other welding tools will make it harder for you. With Pitbull, you can go ahead and get started.

It is one of the highlights of Pitbull, and it is a blessing. It is lightweight and easy to carry when you need to work in different places. The casing is designed seamlessly, and the upper handle makes it trouble-free to move around.

Pitbull is versatile enough and makes a big deal out of it, and that’s true. If you are a metal sculptor, have a hobby, or run a small shop in your garage, portability is essential for getting things done.

It brings 100 percent metal as its bodybuilding material with a red-coated finish. The material used is shock-resistant, which means you are safe with the welder for all kinds of operations.

It is an AC arc welder, which means you need to use it wherever you have a power outlet.

Features of the product:

  • Pitbull’s welding bearing capacity is 1/4 “.
  • It weighs 28 pounds, and the dimension is 18 x 13 x 1 inch.
  • 60Hz frequency for reliable performance.
  • The duty cycle is suitable for medium to welding alignment from the starter.
  • The packaging includes a welder with a helmet and hammer.



Campbell HausfeldCampbell Hausfeld WS099001AV is the next best welder for beginners. The Hausfeld 115V arc/stick welder comes with dual heat settings that go great for small repairs and hobby welding. It allows you to complete your projects quickly and easily.

Also, it has a 20% duty cycle at 50 Amps. While it’s not groundbreaking, it’s an excellent feature for welders at this price. The setup process is not complicated. After unboxing the item, plug it in, and it’s ready to use.

The welder is power by 115V power and is capable of 18 gauge welding of 1/8 inch material. The welder will work conveniently with 1/16 inch and 5/64 inch welding rods. It is ideal for light or stainless steel materials.

To protect you and increase durability, this welder comes with a heat overload protection system. So when it gets too hot, the energy is cut off.

When operating a welder, you will especially like it because of its quality work; love comes with a great design welder that can help you do any welding work.

Features of the product:

  • It weighs just 24 pounds, which makes it a portable item.
  • The design of the welder integrates heat overload protection.
  • That is the dual heat settings command.
  • Welded and ground wire length: 6 feet.
  • Complete your projects quickly and easily with Campbell Hausfeld.



TOOLIOM Stick WelderTOOLIOM brings an IGBT inverter power technology system. The welder is suitable for mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel as well as hard surfacing.

It is light and easy to carry when you need to work in different places. The casing is designed seamlessly, and the upper handle makes it hassle-free to carry around. It comes with a complete package like an MMA welder, electrode holder, brush and hammer, etc.

The welder is powered by 110V power and is capable of 1/8 inch (3.0 mm) plate. The welder will work conveniently with a 9/64 inch (3.5mm) plate at 220V. It is ideal for light or stainless steel materials.

To protect you and increase durability, this welder comes with a high-quality extract starter. Thus it reduces the possibility of initial error of the cycle.

The digital display portable welding machine can handle Tooliom E6010 cellulose electrodes. It’s an excellent feature for welders at this price. Besides that, the setup process is not complicated.

Features of the product:

  • It weighs just 8.71 pounds, which makes it a lightweight item.
  • It has a 60% duty cycle.
  • Dimensions: 11.65 x 9.84 x 8.27 inches.
  • Start the pressure quickly and fast.
  • It provides a hot start and other functions.



SUNGOLDPOWER IGBT DC invertedIt has several features that, at this price point, it comes as the best TIG welder. It is a lightweight welder, and this welder can be moved around without any problem. It contains ceramic material that looks fragile but very durable.

The SungoldPower is a stick Welder full package welder features an LED that shows you what’s going on with the welder. It is a versatile weld that can weld various materials. These materials include stainless steel, nickel, copper brass, etc.

The model comes with excellent stick durability with an IGBT inverter technology that helps eliminate any difficulties during welding. Excess heat can reduce by an overboard fan, which protects the much-needed parts from overheating.

You can take MMA and DC TIG welding with this powerful welder and be guaranteed to start at 100% courtesy of HF service.

SungoldPower TIG Welder stands as a pioneer of this affordable bunch as it features upgraded features and technology that until now was only identified for expensive models.

Features of the product:

  • It weighs only 22 pounds.
  • The voltage AMP is combined with the digital readout of the LED display.
  • Tungsten’s life can also improve through the HF Start-Easy arc.
  • Suitable for alloying various metals such as steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, copper, brass and bronze, etc.
  • Dimensions: 13.7 ” * 5.5 ” * 10.4 ”inches.



Buyers Guide to Select the Best Stick Welder

Welding type: Types of welding, like MIG, TIG, Stick, are available. Learning about these three types of welding will help you decide which welding machine to adopt.

Altogether, MIG welding is a comfortable and clean process used on thick or thin plate metal.

If you want to weld a thin section of stainless and light steel, aluminum, copper alloy, or magnesium, you can do it with TIG type welding.

Also, sticking can use both indoors and outdoors. After all, it is the most economical welding process, so most welders opt for it.

Excellent quality: When buying a welder, the value is a necessary part. A machine dedicated to a process will usually have the highest quality part for stick welding. The price of a welder and the warranty that comes with it are two of the best ways to know how much quality a machine has.

Extra accessories: Some additional functions can come with stick welders. Heavy-duty welders with a high amperage range can use for welding and other metal parts. Other functions include various welding processes such as a TIG welding function, plasma cutting, or a MIG / flux core welding process.

How to decide the perfect welder process

First, think of the welding project itself. What kind of project are you taking on? Next, think about the materials you will use.

You will want to measure the exact thickness and then compare it with the listed. If your results show up but match, you’ve got the measurements right.


Here are a few essential things to consider before choosing the best stick welder;

Safety control features: With the duty cycle indicator, it prevents the machine from overheating. In case the duty cycle indicator is not working, or if you have missed the light, the heat overload feature will be significant as it will automatically shut down the machine before overheating.

Duty cycle: Basically, this cycle will depend on the output power, and the output will depend on the higher tariff cycle.

That is indicated based on 10-minute sessions and percentages by which a machine with a 50% duty cycle means you can work for 5 minutes before you cool the welder for 5 minutes.

Cost: People who look for a welder only to work frequently in the middle of the house or with the help of simple DIY projects will not spend a lot of money on a 115-volt welder.

But if you are willing to spend more cash, you should be more aware of your stick welding machines for which spending more money also comes with a more extended warranty and can even last a lifetime.

Final thoughts:

Thank you for reviewing our ideas about stick welders. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, you need a reliable machine that will help you perform welding applications efficiently and safely.

If you consider the essential aspects wisely, choosing the best stick welder will not be difficult. This article introduces you to the best stick welders on the market today. We hope you enjoyed reading and have found valuable information.

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